Iggy Azalea Answers The Web's Most Searched Questions (2024)

What's up guys?

I'm Iggy Azalea and I'm here

for my Wired Autocomplete Interview.

[upbeat music]

Okay, so I just hold-

[Crew] Exactly. And I peel.

[upbeat music]

What is Iggy Azalea's real name?

I actually really like my real name.

It is Amethyst Amelia Kelly.

The reason I didn't use it is because it's just too serious

and I am a gigantic idiot.

So I used my email recovery password as my stage name

and my dog's name is Iggy

and I grew up on Azalea Street,

so that is how I got this name, but my real one is Amethyst.

Where did Iggy Azalea get her name?

Well, we know I got my name from my email recovery password,

but don't worry, I've changed my email since then

so you cannot hack me.

What does Iggy Azalea do now?

A bit of this and a bit of that.

I think I just do chaos and mischief in general.

That's what I've done my whole life.

Really different subcategories of naughtiness is what I do.

Okay. Woop! Next.

Thank you.

What song made by Iggy Azalea...

Oh, what song made Iggy Azalea famous?

I think there's three answers.

One was my first song that got me a record deal

and that's a song about a cat, a puss*cat.

And then there's work, work, work, work, working on my...


A lot of people love that.

But my biggest song that I think most people

probably first got introduced was Fancy.

What is Iggy Azalea's most popular song?

I think it's clear that it's Fancy

because that record is diamond

and so you can't really compete

with the diamond record can you?

It actually had a different name.

It was called Leave It when I recorded it

and I was going to leave it off my album.

But then the producers that I did it with,

they restructured it and changed parts of my verse

and kind of like moved them and shuffled them around

and suddenly it was way catchier.

So I do owe it a little bit

to the whole team to make Fancy

because I made Leave It

and then they rearranged and they made it Fancy.

What is the song Fancy

by Iggy Azalea about?

I think you already know what it's about, don't you?

It's about being so fancy.

It's just about being fabulous and feeling good

and I think everybody gets ready

and they're about to go somewhere and they just feel so good

and they turn that song on.

Fancy is just that moment. It's your getting ready moment.

Thank you.

What was Iggy Azalea's childhood like?

Very feral. [laughs]

I just used to run around in the bush all day long really.

I'm from a very small town called Mullumbimby.

When I lived there had about 2,500 people in it.

It's very rural.

I lived on about 24 acres with a bunch of chickens and cows

and we used to do stuff like duck under the barb wire fence

and try to touch a bull and run away from it

without it like trying to kill you

and trying to get turtles in little lakes

and letting them bite your fingers.

I was a nature girl, that's what I did.

And then I fell in love with music

and so I wanted to come to America

because I think that some of the greatest musicians

of all time are American.

I just wanted to get close to people

that are the best at what I wanted to do.

When did Iggy Azalea move to America?

Am I a little bit psychic? I think I'm a little psychic.

I moved to America when I was 16,

so I was able to do school online

and I came over to Miami not expecting

that I would really be able to stay, but I figured it out.

I made a way and so yeah, I'm 34 now.

I've been here since I was 16.

Does Iggy Azalea have long fingernails that can't peel this?

Yes, I do.

Does Iggy Azalea have siblings?

I do. I have two siblings. My sister's name is Emerald.

She's like a roller derby looking girl.

She's covered in tattoos and she's like Tony Hawks.

She does inline vert ramp skating and crazy flips and stuff.

She's way braver than I ever could be.

She roller skates and she makes roller skates

and sells them.

It's pretty cool. And my brother, his name is Matthias,

I call him Matt and he likes to take photographs

and stuff like that for me and he's really smart and cool

and he is living at my house right now actually.

We're very close.

Iggy Azalea children.

I only have one child, his name is Onyx.

I clearly have a crystal thing going on here guys.

He just turned four last month.

I think the reason why I'm so successful

is because my mom just like gassed me up

with everything that I did.

I try to equip my son

and make sure that he's like as emotionally balanced

and I try to be kind to him.

I don't try to freak out if he spills something

or those sorts of things

'cause sometimes I would be scared of my father.

So I try not to be scary in those moments

when you can get frustrated as a parent.

And I try to be really encouraging.

He could do the worst cartwheel ever

and I'll tell him he's a gymnast

because I think it's really important

that as a parent we encourage our children

even beyond what their skill level really is at the time

because it can take you very far when you have self-belief,

and so, I really care about instilling that in my son a lot.


Thank you.

These ones are scarier because I just don't know

where they're going.

Iggy Azalea yellow outfit.

I would assume this is the Fancy outfit

when I dressed up as Cher from Clueless.

I love making music videos that are recreations

of some of my favorite films.

So of course, I wanted to do Clueless

because it's a cult classic.

Absolutely, my first thing when I thought of this was that

I wanted to wear the yellow plaid outfit.

And I've seen a lot of Halloween outfits that year,

which made me very proud

because I think if someone dresses up

as something you did for Halloween,

that's when you know you really made it.

Iggy Azalea best songs.

Well, I don't know, that's subjective.

Are you asking my favorite songs?

I think my best song, if I had to pick just one,

my favorite would be Work because it's about my life

and how I got here and it's catchy

and you can throw a little ass to it,

which is something I like to do,

but it's still kind of intellectual

and it has lots of good punchlines.

So that is my favorite song still of all time.

Iggy Azalea Black Widow.

That's actually my son's favorite song of mine.

It was my birthday last week

and he made me a birthday cub with a spider on it

and he told me that's a black widow.

So I still have fans from Black Widow.

My son really likes it.

He likes the Samurai sword fighting in the video.

Iggy Azalea Black Widow, Onyx's favorite song.

Yeah. Thank you.

Iggy Azalea at 16.

Well, at 16 I had no money, no family,

and I was in the middle of Miami.

Yeah, I showed up by myself.

I had some friends that I had met on like online chat rooms

and stuff like that that I've been talking to for some years

that we would webcam together and things like that.

And one of them lived in Miami, so that was the only person

that I knew in America.

So I didn't have money or family, but I did have a friend

and they were my real life friend all the way, even still.

So it's been many, many years.

Iggy Azalea Dream Vault.

Yes, I have a company called Dream Vault actually,

and I'm launching it and I'm really excited about it.

It's a company where if you have a dream,

you can go to this platform and you can use your friends

or your family, fans if you have them,

your community basically to make your dreams happen.

And I think it's really cool

'cause for me, I know I had to utilize so many people

to get to the top and I think anybody will tell you that.

That's why they have award speeches, right?

To thank everyone.

So I wanted to create a space

where instead of having to do your own outreach,

I could make it a little easier for you

to kind of achieve whatever your crazy dream is.

And that's what Dream Vault is. So check it out.

Iggy Azalea Ariana Grande.

Well, I just think of Ariana Grande

and I think she's just a floating little

delightful little cloud.

I love her and I love our song Problem

and I love that I had number one with Fancy

and number two with Ariana because I think she's an icon

and it's such an honor to have that song with her.

Iggy Azalea music videos.

Well, I'm glad people are searching this

'cause music videos are my favorite thing about

when I made music,

that was always the thing I had the most fun with.

I love making up creative crazy concepts

and so, to have a song is fun,

but to get to put a visual to it, that's always my favorite.

So I'm glad people want to Google them.


Well, that's all my boards.

I hope you know me a little bit better now

and that I can answer some of the questions

'cause the internet is a confusing place,

but you've heard it from me now.

I had fun.

I get a little scared to know

what you might be Googling about me,

but it's actually, it's not so bad.

It's cool stuff and I was happy to talk about it.

Until next time. Bye.

Iggy Azalea Answers The Web's Most Searched Questions (2024)


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