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When you stop by your local Walmart you can take care of several errands at the same time. Walmart offers a wide selection of auto services you can make use of. If you’re wondering “what auto services does Walmart offer” here are the most popular!

So, what auto services does Walmart offer? Walmart Auto Care Centers have many great service options at decent prices. Some of the options include oil changes, tire services, battery services, and headlight services to name a few.

The best part is the convenience. Simply leave your vehicle in the Walmart employee’s capable hands while you shop! Let’s go over all of the options available to you.

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Oil changes

Like a good mechanic shop, Walmart has a selection of options to fit your vehicle’s needs. Several of these options come with additional services such as an oil filter change. The options include:

  • Standard – $34.88
  • High-mileage – $44.88
  • Semi-synthetic – $44.88
  • Synthetic – $54.88
  • Pit Crew – $24.88
  • Lube and services – Vehicle dependent

The standard, high-mileage, semi-synthetic, and synthetic oil change options are all the same with the exception of the oil itself. None of them come with any extra services. The difference in price is due to the differences in the performance of the oils.

A pit crew oil change comes with up to 5 quarts of standard oil, an oil filter replacement, chassis lubrication, a battery check, and a tire pressure inspection.

The lube and services option comes with everything the pit crew option does with several extra features. The cost of the lube and services option is dependent on your vehicle.

For this service, Walmart employees will also check your lights, air filter, and wiper blades. Additionally, they will check and top off your transmission, washer, power steering, and differential fluids.

What Auto Services Does Walmart Offer? (Prices & Options) | MechAnswers (1)

Fluid checks/refills

In addition to the above fluid checks and refills that are part of an oil change, Walmart offers three more fluid-related services. They include:

  • Refrigerant recharge – $69.88
  • Transmission fluid exchange – $59.88
  • Coolant exchange – $29.88

The refrigerant recharge will restore your vehicle’s AC to full functionality. There is no need to remove the old refrigerant. Unlike this process, the transmission and coolant exchanges involve replacing the old fluid with new fluid.

These options are only available at select stores so check ahead of time if your Walmart offers this service. Additionally, the above prices do not include the required parts.

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Tire services

When it comes to your tires you need the best to keep you safe. This means quality service and regular maintenance. Walmart can be your spot for tire work. The available services include:

  • Tire mounting – $11
  • Lifetime balance/rotations – $14
  • Road-hazard warranty – $10
  • Valve stem installation – $3
  • Flat tire repair – $15
  • Tire rotation – $5

Whether you bought the tires from them or not, Walmart will mount them on your vehicle for $11 per tire. Then, since you’ll need it done eventually, you can purchase lifetime balancing services for $14 per tire. Tack on a warranty against road hazards for $10 per tire.

The rest of the services are straightforward one-time services.

It is important to note that each of the above prices is per tire so account for that in your budget.

What Auto Services Does Walmart Offer? (Prices & Options) | MechAnswers (3)

Battery services

If your vehicle’s battery is having issues, Walmart can take care of that too! Between new battery installation and simple maintenance, Walmart has you taken care of. The options include:

  • Battery installation – $15
  • Battery non-corrosion – $5
  • Battery terminal-end – $10 (per terminal)

Walmart will install one battery for $15 or for free if you bought the battery from them. The battery non-corrosion service is only available if you bought the product from Walmart though, unlike the battery installation, it has an additional fee.

Similarly, the battery terminal service does not come with the terminals themselves. You have to purchase the terminals and do it yourself or pay $10 per terminal for Walmart to do it.

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Headlight services

If you have a problem with your headlights you can get it fixed while you shop at Walmart. The available headlight services include:

  • Headlight restoration – $26.88
  • Headlight installation – $10
  • Miniature bulb installation – $7.50 (per bulb)

As your headlights get hazy over time it can affect your road safety. Walmart will restore your headlights and make them like new ones. This will make them brighter and clearer for your safety.

If your headlights are too far gone for a restoration you can also get new ones installed. This service is $10 per headlight and does not include the price of the headlights.

Lastly, if you have any other bulbs out on your car you can get them installed at Walmart. This service costs $7.50 per bulb and does not include the price of the bulbs.

System cleaning services

You can even get maintenance services on your vehicle’s systems as a whole. These services will improve the functionality of your vehicle and keep it running at peak performance. They include:

  • Fuel system cleaner – $20 or more
  • Fuel system cleaner + oil change – $64.88
  • Top treat – $10

For their fuel system service, Walmart will add a fuel system cleaner to your gas. The price depends on the product you want them to use. These cleaners will ensure your fuel system is clean and operating correctly.

The next service does everything the fuel system service does with an oil change tacked on.

The top treat service is only available with an oil change beforehand. This treatment will go through your engine to remove any impurities. This allows your new oil to do its job without any sludge or otherwise getting in the way.

Miscellaneous services

Lastly, there are a few miscellaneous services that Walmart offers in addition to the fine services above. They include:

  • Lug nut replacement – $3.50 (per lug nut)
  • Wiper blade; installation – $10 (per blade)
  • TPMS re-learn – Free
  • 50-mile re-torque – Free

If you’ve lost a lug nut no matter the circ*mstance you can easily pick up a replacement at Walmart. Best of all they will install it themselves. At $3.50 a lug nut this is a great deal.

When you purchase new wiper blades at Walmart you can have them installed for $10 per blade as long as its the featured wiper blade. If it is not it may cost more.

On the off chance that one of your sensors in the tire pressure monitoring system fails you’ll need to replace it and pair it. While Walmart won’t replace a sensor, they will reset the system for free.

Finally, every 50 miles or so it is a good idea to check your wheels and re-torque if needed. If you take your vehicle into a Walmart Auto Care Center they will re-torque your wheels for free.


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While you may not think of Walmart first when you think of auto services, they do good work for relatively cheap. If you’re on a budget and need to get work done on your vehicle, Walmart is a great choice.

Remember that not all Walmarts have an Auto Care Center attached so look ahead of time for ones in your area. Even when you find an Auto Care Center they may not be able to perform certain services such as transmission fluid exchange. The prices listed above may be slightly different depending on your region.

References >> https://www.walmart.com/cp/auto-care-center-services/2686220

What Auto Services Does Walmart Offer? (Prices & Options) | MechAnswers (2024)


What kind of auto work does Walmart do? ›

With over 2500 auto centers nationwide staffed by certified technicians, we perform millions of tire and oil services a year. At Walmart, we offer competitive pay as well as performance-based incentive awards and other great benefits for a happier mind, body, and wallet.

Does Walmart change power steering fluid? ›

Check and fill (where applicable) transmission fluid, washer fluid, power steering fluid, differential fluid, and tire pressure.

How much does auto pay at Walmart? ›

The estimated total pay range for a Auto Technician at Walmart is $17–$25 per hour, which includes base salary and additional pay. The average Auto Technician base salary at Walmart is $21 per hour. The average additional pay is $0 per hour, which could include cash bonus, stock, commission, profit sharing or tips.

Does Walmart fix headlights? ›

Whether it's battery installation and services, headlight installation and services, or wiper blade and air filter installation, you can trust our technicians to handle it with expertise. We believe in providing quality maintenance that goes beyond just getting the job done.

What products or services does Walmart provide? ›

Stores Tailored to Our Customers

Walmart Supercenters offer a one-stop shopping experience by combining a grocery store with fresh produce, bakery, deli and dairy products with electronics, apparel, toys and home furnishings.

What does Walmart do for your car? ›

More ways to save on car care

For basic maintenance, oil changes, and tire installation, you can rely on the certified professionals at Walmart to take care of your vehicle. We've rounded up more ways to save on car care.

What is the average price for power steering replacement? ›

On average, replacing your power steering pump can cost between $500 and $900, but it's essential to avoid more serious damage to the power steering system.

How much does it cost to get a power steering fluid change? ›

Prices for flushing your engine can start at $50, while transmission fluid flushes can cost anywhere from $100 to $200. Power steering fluid, antifreeze/coolant, and brake fluid flushes generally start around $60 but can increase due to the cost of replacing fluids.

How much will Walmart pay me? ›

Average Walmart hourly pay ranges from approximately $12.41 per hour for Overnight Customer Service Representative to $36.37 per hour for Production Artist. The average Walmart salary ranges from approximately $25,443 per year for Clerical Worker to $196,049 per year for Android Developer.

What does auto pay? ›

Auto-pay is an automated process, which pays your balance in full each billing cycle 2 days prior to the due date, scheduled payments are manually entered by you for the date you choose each time you make a payment.

Do Walmart employees get daily pay? ›

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Does Walmart put on brake pads? ›

How much does it cost at Wal-Mart to get your brakes changed? Walmart doesn't do brake jobs. They'll change your oil, your filters, or your tires, and will install wipers. That's it.

How much will a shop charge to install headlights? ›

Then add the labor cost to replace a headlight assembly, which would typically be between $100 and $400, depending on how complicated the installation is.

How much does AutoZone charge for headlights? ›

Halogen headlight housings start at $200 per pair, with most sets going for around $400. HID headlights start at $400 per pair, while new LED headlight assemblies start at $600. The most advanced LED and laser headlights can cost over $2,000 per set.

What does a Walmart automotive technician do? ›

Change oil, tires, and other general maintenance. Provide excellent customer service throughout the transaction by greeting all customers, answering their questions, and ensuring satisfaction.

What is Walmart automation business? ›

It is an innovative and exciting way to run and manage a business while generating passive income without too much effort. Walmart automation will handle all tasks ranging from processing to setting up the store, listing products, managing, and others, while you can enjoy an ongoing passive income.

Can you buy a car working at Walmart? ›

Associates are eligible to purchase up to five vehicles per year. All new and pre-owned cars from virtually all makes and models are eligible.


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