How much did Alex Higgins win 1982? (2024)

How much did Alex Higgins win 1982?

It is estimated that Higgins earned and spent £3–4 million in his career as a snooker player.

How much money did Alex Higgins make?

It is estimated that Higgins earned and spent £3–4 million in his career as a snooker player.

What was the prize money for the snooker World Championship in 1982?

Embassy, a British cigarette company, sponsored the tournament, and the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) governed the organisation of the event. It had a prize fund of £110,000, with the winner receiving £25,000.

What was the prize money for the 1983 snooker championship?

Winner: £30,000. Runner up: £15,000. Semi-finals: £8,400. Quarter-finals: £4,450.

Who won the 1982 World Championship?

The season featured sixteen rounds between 23 January and 25 September. The Drivers' Championship was won by Keke Rosberg and the Constructors' Championship by Scuderia Ferrari. Ferrari won the Constructors' Championship with the 126C2.

Is Judd Trump a millionaire?

What is Judd Trump's net worth? Trump has built up an impressive fortune during his time as a snooker player. His estimated net worth is around £9 million and he has reportedly earned over £5.2m in prize money during that time.

Which snooker player was banned for gambling?

Yan – the 2021 Masters champion – was handed a five-year ban and Zhao – the UK Championship winner from the same year – was banned for one year and eight months. An investigation was launched following an alert in August from the International Betting Integrity Association and World Snooker's integrity unit.

How much is a 147 in snooker world championship?

What is the prize money for the World Snooker Championship? Bonuses: £40,000 is the reward for a maximum break in the main draw with £10,000 for a 147 in the qualifying rounds. These come as an add-on to the highest-break jackpot.

Who has earned the most prize money in snooker?

PlayerPrize Money
Ronnie O'Sullivan13,607,734
John Higgins9,594,269
Stephen Hendry8,793,581
Mark Selby7,657,979
204 more rows

What is the richest snooker tournament?

The World Snooker Championship is the longest-running and most prestigious tournament in professional snooker. It is also the richest, with total prize money of £2,395,000 in 2023, including £500,000 for the winner.

Who was the first millionaire in snooker?

Snooker's first professional millionaire, Steve Davis dominated the sport in the 1980s. Davis won the World Championships six times and enjoyed seven seasons as the World's number one ranked player.

How much is a 147 break worth?

As maximum breaks became more common, the prize pot changed to a rolling £5,000. Recently, the standard prize of thousands of pounds returned, and at the 2022 World Championship, £40,000 was offered for a 147 made at the Crucible.

How much has Ronnie O Sullivan earned in his snooker career?

His total career prize money of £13,262,755 dwarfs the rest, his 1,198 centuries in professional competition are mind-bogglingly different league.

Who was the team of the 1982 world Cup?

The tournament was won by Italy, who defeated West Germany 3–1 in the final held in the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in the capital, Madrid.

Who drove for Ferrari in 1982?

1982 Driver Standings
15REUWilliams Ford
17Andrea de Cesaris DECAlfa Romeo
17LAFLigier Matra
22 more rows

Who won the first Players championship in 1982?

The beginning of an era, THE PLAYERS Championship 1982 was won by Jerry Pate in what was the inaugural tournament at TPC Sawgrass.

Which Judd is the richest?

Celebrity Net Worth places Wynonna Judd's net worth at $12 million. Of her famous family members, Wynonna is at the bottom. Sister Ashley Judd is estimated to have $14 million, while her late mother was reported to have $25 million.

What kind of car does Judd Trump drive?

He drives BMWs and Rolls Royces, while travelling to see his friends in Dubai, New York, Los Angeles and more. He wears Gucci on his chest and Rolex on his wrist - but beyond the lavish lifestyle is a man so immensely dedicated to his profession, he can now call himself one of the world's best.

Who does Judd Trump support?

But the Bristol-born star is also a big United fan, who follows the Reds' matches wherever he is in the world – unless he's at the table, of course, winning one of the 23 ranking titles he has to date. We caught up with Trump ahead of last month's UK Championship to find out more about his love of the club...

Who has been cheating in snooker?

What players have been banned over match-fixing? Only six players have successfully been prosecuted for match-fixing through the the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association's (WPBSA) Disciplinary Committee – Stephen Lee, Leo Fernandez, Yu Delu, Cao Yupeng, David John, and amateur player John Sutton.

What snooker player went to jail?

Snooker legend Ronnie O'Sullivan broke down in tears while recalling his dad's final words before he was jailed for murder. In 1992, the same year his son turned professional, O'Sullivan Snr. was put behind bars for killing the driver of London gangster Charlie Kray, the brother of infamous twins Ronnie and Reggie.

Who is banned for 12 years in snooker?

Snooker player Stephen Lee was banned for 12 years after being found guilty of seven charges of match-fixing, on this day in 2013. The then 38-year-old was found guilty of the charges by an independent tribunal and the sanction was imposed on Lee a week later.

Has a woman ever got 147 in snooker?

100 Break Rate

Wins her first title at the Australian Women's Open with a 4-2 victory against Ng On Yee in the final. Becomes the first woman to make a verified 147 break during a practice match against Waratthanun Sukritthanes at the Hi-End Snooker Club in Thailand.

Has anyone ever got a 155 break in snooker?

From Google search: In 2006 Jamie Cope became the first player to record a 155 break. He did it in a witnessed practice match. Jamie is a professional snooker player from Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire, England.

Who has most 147 breaks in snooker?

Players who have made the most 147s
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan - 15.
  • John Higgins - 12.
  • Stephen Hendry - 11.
  • Stuart Bingham - 9.
  • Judd Trump - 8.
  • Shaun Murphy - 7.
  • Ding Junhui - 6.
  • Mark Selby - 5.
Nov 13, 2023


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