What percent of Harvard students are varsity athletes? (2024)

What percent of Harvard students are varsity athletes?

Athletes at Harvard

How hard is it to get into Harvard as an athlete?

Recruited athletes have an 86 percent chance of getting into Harvard — far greater than the 47 percent for students who are children of faculty and staff, 42 percent for applicants on the dean's list, 33 percent for legacy applicants, and the dismal six percent for the average applicant.

Is it easier to get into an Ivy League as an athlete?

Ivy Leagues are also unique because they send “likely letters” to recruited athletes. These letters show that the athlete is at the top of the applicants list, and as long as nothing changes before admissions letters go out, the athlete will likely gain admission.

Which Ivy League is best at sports?

With 24 NCAA national championships, the highest average ranking across the top Ivy sports, and the most Ivy League titles of all time, Princeton is currently fielding the best Ivy League University athletics program in the league.

Does Harvard have varsity sports?

Harvard Athletics offers forty-two Division I intercollegiate varsity teams for women and men — more than any other Division I college — as well as numerous club and intramural sports and recreational activities. More than eighty percent of our students participate athletics of some kind.

What GPA do Harvard athletes need?

Student-athletes must earn at least a 2.3 grade-point average in the required core courses and achieve a minimum standardized test score (ACT/SAT) according to the NCAA Initial Eligibility sliding scale.

What sport is Harvard good at?

In football, hockey, cross-country, and soccer, Harvard teams were the undisputed title holders; the rifle team was the winner of the eastern division of the shooting league; and the lacrosse team the winner of the northern division in its league.

What percent of Harvard is recruited athletes?

Roughly consistent with last year's survey results, 11 percent of the Class of 2023 are coming to Harvard as recruited varsity athletes, while 6 percent plan to walk on to a varsity sports team.

What is the average SAT score for athletes at Harvard?

In Harvard's entering class of 2025, recruited athletes had an average SAT score of 1397, compared to 1501 for non-athletes. That's a 7% difference. The Ivies do use an "academic index" to ensure athletes meet a minimum standard of achievement to be eligible for admission.

What SAT score do Harvard athletes need?

The disparity was greater than seen in recent years, with recruited athletes averaging a total score of 1368 and non-recruited students scoring an average of 1531. Recruited athletes who took the ACT also received lower composite scores, earning an average score of 31 versus 34.3 for non-recruited students.

What GPA do Ivy League athletes need?

Besides a rigorous class schedule, you'll have a stronger chance of getting into the Ivy League if you have a high overall GPA. Ideally, you'll have at least a 3.0 GPA, or B-average. This is a minimum recommendation, though, so know that it's probably better to aim for something closer to a 3.5 (or even higher).

What sport is Yale known for?

Football. The football team has competed since 1876. They have won nineteen national championships when the school competed in what is now known as the FBS. They are perhaps best known for their rivalry with Harvard, known as "The Game".

Which Ivy League is the most prestigious?

For instance, in the U.S News rankings, Princeton is ranked the nation's top college overall, which means that it's also the highest-ranked Ivy League school. On the other hand, Yale is ranked fifth nationally, which is third highest among Ivy League schools.

What is the nickname for Harvard students?


Does Harvard like athletes?

Recruited athletes have a 90% acceptance rate and comprise 10% of the incoming class. (Source: The Atlantic) . For perspective, the overall Harvard acceptance rate is below 5%.

How much is Harvard tuition for 4 years?

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Harvard University for 4 Years? A four-year undergraduate degree program at Harvard University costs over $217,000 without room and board or any other fees. 1 Financial aid can significantly cut down the out-of-pocket expenses for those who qualify and need it the most.

What is the Z list at Harvard?

The Z-List is a special category of admission that allows Harvard to accept students who are the children of mega-donors or other highly influential people. Harvard University has a secret way of admitting students who have influential connections but low academic scores: the Z-List.

How many athletes are recruited to Harvard?

Ivy League Schools & the Recruited Athlete
SchoolAdmission RateTotal Athletes
5 more rows

How much is Harvard tuition?

Can you get a full ride to Harvard?

Can you get a full scholarship to Harvard? Harvard does not offer any merit-based aid, and no full-ride scholarships. However, they do meet 100% of demonstrated financial need. So, if you have a high need, such as an auto-zero EFC on the FAFSA, you might qualify for almost a full ride.

Which Ivy is best at football?

Yale opens the season on top following their title-winning campaign in 2022
  1. Yale (8-2, 6-1 Ivy, 1st in 2022) ...
  2. Princeton (8-2, 5-2 Ivy, 3rd in 2022)
  3. Penn (8-2, 5-2 Ivy, 2nd in 2022) ...
  4. Harvard (6-4, 4-3 Ivy, 4th in 2022) ...
  5. Columbia (6-4, 3-4 Ivy, 5th in 2022) ...
  6. Dartmouth (3-7, 2-5 Ivy, 7th in 2022)
Sep 11, 2023

Who is Harvard's sports rival?

The Harvard–Yale football rivalry is renewed annually with The Game, an American college football match between the Harvard Crimson football team of Harvard University and the Yale Bulldogs football team of Yale University.

What percent of Ivy students are athletes?

According to Professor Jonathan Cole in The Huffington Post, “Roughly 20 percent, or one-fifth, of the entering class at the Ivy League universities and the leading small liberal arts colleges are recruited athletes.” Meanwhile, at Ohio State or Michigan, that number is closer to 5 percent.

How do athletes get into Harvard?

While there is no formula for gaining admission to Harvard, successful applicants present strong academic credentials, evidence of highly developed talents or interests, motivation and character. The Harvard College Admissions Office can answer most of your questions regarding the application process.

Does Harvard give full athletic scholarships?

Like the other Ivy League universities, Harvard does not offer athletic scholarships.


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